6 Ways To Prepare Your House For The Winter Season

Ways To Prepare Your House For The Winter Season

With the winters knocking at the door, we start preparing ourselves with things that will help us take care of our skin, nails and hair. However, most of the people do not think of, or mostly overlook the idea of protecting their homes and properties before winter comes.

Now you may wonder, if there is any necessity of making your house winter ready at all. Yes, this is very important, because like our skin, hair or nails, we should also take care of the place we live in. When we prepare our house and property for the winter, we also indirectly save ourselves and a lot of money that would be spent if they were damaged due to the harsh weather conditions. Here are 6 clever tricks you can make your house winter ready in no time!

1.   Fix The Ducts

Ducts are one of the most important yet underrated part of your house. Once winters are gone, we generally tend to forget all about them. Well, if your house has a central heating system installed, you should at first make sure that all the ducts are properly insulated and sealed. Sealing your ducts can reduce energy consumption drastically and much of the air is saved from being wasted.

2.   Fix The Windows

The windows of a house are the gateway to the beauty outdoors, the wind, sound, dust, and of course insects and pests. Therefore, they should be taken care of specially. However, if you want to make your windows winter ready, you must install heat retention systems on your windows. This will not only keep your house warm from inside during the winters, but will also result in a huge amount of reduction in power consumption. This system results in about 20% more heat retention than other options.

3.   Prevent Freezing Of Pipes

Freezing of water pipes is a very common incident in the most households during the winters. Therefore, it is very important to protect your water pipes from getting frozen, which otherwise would lead the pipes to burst from the pressure created by the increase in the volume of water when it turns into ice. By installing appropriate insulation around the water pipes, you can prevent the pipes and the water inside it from getting frozen. However, if in case you come across any frozen pipe, just thaw it slowly with the aid of hot water bottles or a towel heated with hot water. In case any pipe has already burst, stop the water supply immediately to avoid any more damage until you can repair it.

4.   Keep Your Passages And Entrances Clear

If winter is about to come and you stay in a region where snowing is a common phenomenon during this season, it is natural that your passages will be covered with snow often. Now do not think that because winter is still far, you do not have to keep the passages clean. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry and hence, stay prepared for the future. Also, if you have water containers outside your house, try taking them indoors or keep them empty.

Also, during the winter, it is important that you do not keep the task of removing the snow for the next day because it may turn the entrance slippery. Clear away the snow as fast as possible after it snows.

5.   Treat Your Roofs And Window Panes

Accumulation of snow and ice on roofs and window panes is very common if you are staying in a snowy region. Building up of snow can lead to serious damage to your construction, which is almost irreparable. Therefore, make sure that no ice or snow gets amassed on the roofs. Therefore, whenever there is a snow storm, you must be prepared to clear the snow that will be accumulated. However, it is also important to be safe while undertaking these tasks, so do not start until it is safe outside.

6.    Keep Your Sewage System Clear

Drains and gutters are most likely to get congested with solid particles in the water that is thrown out, or with the leaves and branches that fall off from the trees in the garden. In case the sewage systems are left unattended, they may result in the formation of ice dams, which could lead to further damage to the entire building, slowly but steadily. The ice that is accumulated in the drains or gutters can melt and seep into the walls and result in the weakening of the walls and thus a massive expense in the repair.

Winter is beautiful, winter is the season of vacations, of enjoyment. You can enhance your enjoyment by preparing your place for this wonderful season. Just take care of these areas and protect your house and property from getting damaged by the fangs of winter storms and snow.

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