The Advantage of Aging in Place Remodeled Homes Over Modern Home Build

Home is a place where you find peace. Both from inside and outside you feel a deep serenity when you step into your house. After a hard day at work or a tiring journey, you feel anxious to reach your home as soon as you can. Therefore, the place should bear a comforting atmosphere. You should be able to disclose all your worries, disappointments as well as happiness and pride here.

It is said that the most of our dependence upon our home is related to its design and decor. Therefore, it is important for you to decide whether you would prefer living in a place that would grow and age with you, or some place which you could abandon after you are done with it at a certain period of time, due to a shift in your workplace or for some other reason.

Modern trends allow you both. You can opt for a home that will suit your daily needs only till the time you wish it to. Or else, you can stay in one home for your lifetime. If your home is designed to suit your daily needs, then you can just renovate it and make certain changes to stay there forever. On the other hand, building a new home after a certain period of time makes you undertake less stress, and also you have to invest in less time and money.

Aging in Place Remodeling vs. New Home Build

The main difference between a new home build and an aging in place home design is that while you can build a new home as per your requirements and then give it away on rent or sell it after some time. On the other hand, an aging in place model assures of a comfortable stay for a lifetime. This is because the design of the house is perfectly created for all age groups. The usual plan for an aging in place home is:

  • Wide hallways and doorways, preferably 3 feet or more
  • At least one a bedroom and a bathroom on the first floor
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance and doorways, even in shower places
  • Cabinets low enough to be accessed by people moving around in wheelchair


One of the most interesting aging in place home features is that you can just make specific changes to your existing home once in a while and make it more aging-in-place friendly. However, it is always better to design your home wisely, as these changes are both time consuming as well as expensive.

Aging in place homes are customizable, rather than the ones that are made using trendy fashion

The main factor that makes an aging in place home desirable is that it can be customized as per your needs. An aging in place home design offers much comfortable features in the first place, but you can always add up to your comfort level. For instance, you can add bars for support on the walls of every room and the corridors too, in order to ensure safety while walking or moving.

However, this needs a bit of future planning. If you wish to install such bars later in future, you have to make sure that you need it. Ask your builder to make provisions accordingly, so that if you wish to do so in the future, you can straight away get it done. If you want to install the bars or make certain changes in the house later without such provisions made in advance, you could land up in serious expense issues.

Multi-generational rooms

Another amazing feature of the aging in place houses is you can create additional rooms, which you can later on develop into new rooms with. For example, if you build an additional room with an attached bathroom on the first floor, you can make a partition between the two rooms later in the future and use them as two separate bedrooms.

Features that must be present in a aging in place home design

The following features must be there for you to age in place with your house comfortably:

  • One of each important parts of the home should be within the first floor. This includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, laundry room and living room.
  • Avoid creating entry steps. This will enable people with wheelchairs to move around the house without any difficulty.
  • Staircases must have railings on both sides to avoid accidents.
  • The cabinets must be made at a place where people with wheelchairs can also reach them for their needs.
  • Higher toilets to enable easier sitting and standing.


When you plan to stay in a home forever, it is very important for you to make sure all parts of the house serve a special purpose. Talk to your custom home builder and ask them how easily the changes can be done and also let them know that you are looking to installing certain additions that will help you make changes easily in future. For a home that is meant for a lifetime, it is worth showing effort.

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